Board of Education Study Session June 10,2021

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1. Call to Order A. Attendance 2. Public Comment A. Public Comment To submit public comment during a meeting of the Bloomfield Hills Schools Board of Education, please complete a request for public comment card if attending in person, or visit for instructions and to complete the online virtual form. Both forms are available a half-hour before the meeting's call to order. 3. Special Recognition A. Introductions of 2021-22 Board Interns & Advisory Council Michelle Southward, Student Board Intern Committee Chair 4. Study Session A. COVID-19 Update Pat Watson, Superintendent B. Budget Update Tina Kostiuk, Assistant Superintendent for Finance & Operations C. MICIP Overview Carey Crocker and Susan Golab D. District Mission and Vision Dr. Michele Harmala, Facilitator E. Strategic Goal 5 - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Michelle Southward, Strategic Goal 5 Chair 5. Adjournment

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