East Hills Middle School: Winners Circle with Mr. Jason Andreas - Google Employee and Former MSU Player

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The EHMS Winners Circle is a before school program where students are given the opportunity to hear from guest speakers on goal setting and overcoming difficulties so they can reach their fullest potential. Jason grew up on a large farm in a small town in Ohio. Due to his love for milk, he grew to a healthy 6'10", helping him land a scholarship to play basketball for Tom Izzo at Michigan State University. After a National Championship, two Final Fours, a handful of Big Ten Championships and a team captainship his senior year, he headed to Europe to avoid a real job and play professional basketball. Jason has now worked for Google for over 12 years, tinkering with law school and also earning an MBA along the way. He enjoys art, music, travel, sports and spending time with his family (wife, 2 daughters, 2 dogs) with any free time he has."

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