EHMS: Winners Circle with Taurus Montgomery - Inspire, Inform, Ignite

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The EHMS Winners Circle is a before school program where students are given the opportunity to hear from guest speakers on goal setting and overcoming difficulties so they can reach their fullest potential. Taurus Montgomery is familiar with the struggles and challenges facing student-athletes today. From age 12 to 19, he was trapped in a lifestyle of crime, fast money, and drug abuse. This led to bad decision-making, low academic performance, and wasted athletic opportunities. His life took a positive turn when one terrible night of devastation changed his destination. He has since traveled the world sharing his inspiring story detailed in his autobiography book Set On Fire. Nationally, he has toured to over 20 states and over 50 schools, touching thousands of students and student-athletes’ lives; and internationally to Zambia, Ethiopia, India, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Guyana, and several other countries. In the process, Taurus completed his bachelor’s degree from the HBCU Oakwood University and a Masters’ degree from Andrews University, respectively.

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