BHSD: Board of Education Meeting September 26, 2019

1. Call to Order
A. Attendance
B. Pledge of Allegiance
C. Public Comment
Please complete a request card and give to Minutes Secretary if you wish to speak at Public
2. President’s Report – Paul Kolin
3. Interim Superintendent’s Report
4. Special Recognition
A. Recognition of Graduate
5. Consent Agenda
A. Consent Agenda Motion
Lisa Efros – Secretary
I move that the Board of Education approve the recommendations detailed in the Consent
Agenda as follows:
B. Request to Approve Minutes: Study Session of August 8, 2019
C. Request to Approve Minutes: Regular Meeting of August 13, 2019
D. Request to Approve Minutes: Special Retreat August 14, 2019
E. Request to Approve Minutes: Study Session of September 12, 2019
F. Request to Approve Winter Tax Levy
Tina Kostiuk, Interim Superintendent
I move that the Board of Education approve a general operating winter tax levy of approximately
3.2803 mills for principal residence (formerly known as homestead) property and 9.0000 mills
for non-principal residence (formerly known as non-homestead) property, calculated using the
latest fall student count data. The millage rates are required to be forwarded to the respective
taxing units and the Board of Education by September 30, 2019. In addition, both principal and
non-principal residence property will be levied a sinking fund millage rate of 0.3551 mill and a
debt service millage rate of 0.4500.
G. Request to Approve Disbursement Reports
Tina Kostiuk, Assistant Superintendent for Finance & Operations
I move that the Board of Education approve the disbursement reports as presented.
H. Request to Approve Vehicle Purchase
Brian Goby, Director of Physical Plant Services
I move the Board of Education approve the purchase of one (1) Ford Transit Connect from
Gorno Ford in the amount of $29,571. Funding will come from the Capital Equipment Fund.
I. Request to Approve HR Actions
Kelly Bohl – Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources & Labor Relations
I move that the Board of Education approve the personnel actions as presented:
6. General Discussion
A. Report of Finance/Facilities/Legal Affairs Committee
Mark Bank, Trustee
B. Report of Board Instructional Committee
Jacqueline El-Sayed, PhD, Vice President
C. Report of Board Policy Committee
D. Student Intern Update
Paul Kolin, President
E. 2019-20 Board Goals
Paul Kolin, President
7. Board Business
A. Request to Approve Regular Board Meeting Schedule Change 2019-20
Change the regularly scheduled meeting from Thursday, November 21, 2019 to Wednesday,
November 20, 2019. No change to the time or location.
B. Request to Approve Voting Delegates for 2019 MASB Delegate Assembly
Paul Kolin – President
I move that Board members Howard Baron and Cynthia von Oeyen be appointed as voting
delegates for the Michigan Association of School Boards 2019 Delegate Assembly on
Thursday, November 1, 2019.
8. Closing Comments
A. Closing Comments
9. Adjournment