EHMS Winners Circle with Jennifer Mantras

The EHMS Winners Circle is a before school program where students are given the opportunity to hear from guest speakers on goal setting and overcoming difficulties so they can reach their fullest potential.

Jennifer Matras is a highly sought-after skill development instructor and owner of Competitive Edge Skating, Inc (C.E.S.). C.E.S. is the result of Jennifer’s commitment and passion to developing a company where athletes are provided everything needed to reach their highest level of performance. C.E.S. offers innovative on-ice training, specified strength and conditioning training, mental training consultations, and nutritional counseling. As a nationally certified strength and conditioning specialist and an exercise physiologist, Jennifer understands the details and high standards it takes for an athlete to reach world-class levels. Through her combined experiences with figure skating, training with Navy SEALs in her adult life along with classes at Seminary, Jennifer has gained some unique life perspectives, coaching skills, and the knowledge of putting God first in one’s life. Jennifer uses her platform as a coach to not just build better athletes but better people who know that success is about helping others around you and doing our part to make the world a better place.