Board of Education Meeting March 7, 2019

A. Call to Order At 7pm
B. Attendance
C. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Music Month Presentation and Resolution
Bloomfield Hills High School Student:
Abby Singer-Miller (12th grade) Bassist, performing unaccompanied Bach.
5. Public Comment
Please complete a request card, and give to Minutes Secretary, if you wish to speak at Public
6. President’s Report – Paul Kolin
7. Superintendent’s Report – Rob Glass
8. Consent Agenda
A. Consent Agenda Motion
I move that the Board of Education approve the recommendations detailed in the Consent
Agenda as follows:
B. Request to Approve Minutes: Study Session of February 19, 2019
C. Request to Approve Minutes: Regular Meeting of February 21, 2019
9. General Discussion
A. Report of Board Instructional Committee Meeting of February 25, 2019
Jackie El-Sayed, PhD., Vice President
B. Report of Policy Committee
Paul Kolin, President
C. Report of DIP/SIP Committee
Howard Baron, Treasurer
D. Report of Survey Committee
Jackie El-Sayed, PhD., Vice President
E. Report of High School Start Times Committee
Paul Kolin, President
F. Report of Board of Education Student Representative Committee
Paul Kolin, President
G. Report of Q-IA Task Force
Jennifer Cook, Trustee
H. Report of Legislative Committee
Cynthia von Oeyen, Trustee
I. Report of PTOC Liason
Paul Kolin, President
J. Report of District Value Statements
Cynthia von Oeyen, Trustee & Howard Baron, Treasurer
10. Closing Comments
A. Closing Comments
11. Adjournment