Board of Education Meeting February 7, 2019

1. Call to Order
A. Attendance
B. Pledge of Allegiance
2. Board of Education President Report – Paul Kolin
3. Public Comment
Please complete a request card, and give to Minutes Secretary, if you wish to speak at Public
4. Superintendent’s Report – Rob Glass
5. Consent Agenda
A. Consent Agenda Motion
I move that the Board of Education approve the recommendations detailed in the Consent
Agenda as follows:
B. Request to Approve Minutes: Regular Meeting of January 17, 2019
C. Request to Approve Minutes: Board Retreat of January 22, 2019
D. Request to Approve Bid 1901 Booth Site Improvements
Brian Goby, Director of Physical Plant Services
I move that the Board of Education award bid #1901 to MHM Electrical LLC in the amount of
$52,512.00 and Best Asphalt Inc. in the amount of $214,000.00. With the addition of
contingency, general conditions, CM fees and fiber relocation allowance, the total award is
$324,889.73, to be funded from the Capital Improvement Fund.
E. Request to Approve Bid 1902 Safety & Security Upgrades
David Shulkin
I move to approve Bid 1902, Safety & Security Upgrades to lowest bidders to specifications:
Siemens (Plymouth, MI) for Emergency Alert System (BluPoint System) for $345,062.30
to be funded from the Sinking Fund.
247 Security, Inc. (Alpharetta, GA) for the Mobile Video Surveillance System for
$188,369.28 to be funded from the Capital Equipment Fund.
For a total bid package amount of $533,431.58
F. Request to Approve Naming the Bloomfield Hills High SchoolAuditorium Green Room in
Honor of Tina Greenlee
G. Request to Approve HR Actions
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources & Labor Relations
I move that the Board of Education approve the personnel actions as presented:
6. Special Reports
A. BHHS Eleventh & Twelfth Grade Programming
Background Information & Presentation
Amendment for second Public Comment Session
7. General Discussion
A. Report of Board Instruction Committee Meeting of December 28, 2019
B. Legislative Representative Update
Cynthia von Oeyen, Trustee
C. Other
8. Board Business
A. First Reading of High School Course Description Book
Christine DiPilato
I recommend that the Board of Education adopt the revisions for the 2019/2020 High School
Course Description Book.
9. Closing Comments
A. Closing Comments
10. Adjournment